Hello! 1A had a great day of singing, playing, and exploring! Just a friendly reminder that our Santa party will take place on Tuesday December 20th. We are asking parents to bring in a small gift with your child’s name on it for Santa to distribute!


Here is a summary of our day today!


Today we…

·      Made Christmas tree ornaments and played with the 1B class after music!

·      Explored dramatic play – today we showed our babies around the room and helped them play with ice in the sensory center!

·      Had music class with Isabelle

·      Explored differences in sound loud vs. soft and fast vs. slow

·      Had free play in the gym!


Today we read…

·      Snowy Day


Today we sang…

·      The Hello Song

·      The Ants Go Marching

·      If You’re Happy, Sad, Have a Boo Boo and You know It


Have a beautiful weekend and see you all on Monday!



Bridget and Janet