Hi all, here is a summary of what we did today! Also, just a friendly reminder that we will not have school this Friday November 11, for Veterans Day!


Today we…

·      Painted circles on paper with cups!

·      Played with clay – this is a great exercise in building on your child’s fine motor skills. Ways to encourage your children to play with clay can include: poking, squishing, rolling, and pinching! Additionally, working with clay is a wonderful gateway into pre-writing skills.

·      Sorted pompoms into cups

·      Explored dramatic play

·      Played with legoes and bristle blocks

·      Explored crayons on the easel

·      Explored transportation with cars and buses


Today we sang…

·      The Hello Song

·      The Ants Go Marching

·      Watermelon, Watermelon

·      The ABC’s


Today we read…

·      Duck on the Truck

·      Pete the Cat


See you tomorrow!



Bridget and Janet