It was so great to see all of our friends after the long weekend! Despite being out of their school routine for longer then usual, the children adjusted right back into the 1A classroom!


Today we…

·      Explored tape and how it’s sticky!

·      Used tempera crayons on paper

·      One of our friends got a boo boo earlier on in the day, so we discussed what it meant when our friends get hurt, and everyone did such a wonderful job in comforting their injured friend

·      Played with blocks

·      Listened to Saeint-Saens Carnival of Animals


Today we sang…

·      The ABC’s

·      Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

·      Watermelon, Watermelon

·      The Hello Song

·      The Cleanup Song



Today we read…

·      We’re Going On A Bear Hunt


See you tomorrow!


Bridget and Janet