Hello! Here is a rundown of our day today – we had a really positive day full of creating, playing, and making music!


Today we…

·      Began decorating our Halloween costumes!

·      Explored the piano for the first time!

·      Had class with our French teacher

·      Furthered our pumpkin investigation during morning meeting by exploring its size, shape, texture, and color

·      Explored wooden balls and the cause/ effect of sound they produce and how they feel

·      Played with blocks

·      Explored the sensory table with colored circles

·      Explored dramatic play

·      Had free play in the gym with visitors from the Infant B classroom (the children loved it!)

·      Had a dance party!


Today we sang..

·      The Hello Song

·      The Ants Go Marching

·      We Are the Dinosaurs

·      A Rum Sum Sum

·      The Pumpkin Song

·      Twinkle, Twinkle

·      The ABC’s


 Today we read…

·      Mouse’s First Fall

·      Apples and Pumpkins


See you tomorrow!


Bridget and Janet