Hello! Just a friendly reminder to please bring in a black shirt for your child tomorrow, so we can decorate them in the morning for our Halloween parade!


Today we…

·      Had class with our music specialist Evan

·      Went for a nature walk and collected/ explored different kinds of leaves

·      Explored differentiations in sound quiet vs. loud/ how different sounds are made

·      Incorporated counting into sequence up to three into our daily routines

·      Explored safety and turn taking within our curriculum – today we did this through our teddy bears. Examples of this could be found in how to treat our teddies gently and how they could take turns whilst playing with one another


Today we read…

·      Apples and Pumpkins

·      It’s Okay to be Different


Today we read

·      Twinkle, Twinkle

·      The Hello Song

·      Row, Row, Row Your Boat

·      The ABC’s

·      Where is Thumbkin

·      Watermelon, Watermelon

·      The Cleanup Song


See you tomorrow!



Bridget and Janet