Hello! Today we had two friends visit us from the Infant B classroom – Nicholas and Parker with their wonderful teacher Christine! Nicholas and Parker will eventually be transitioning into the 1A class when they their teachers feel they are ready to join their older peers. Additionally, we have a new friend named Devon who will be joining our class next week! Devon’s older siblings used to attend BMS and we are looking forward to welcoming their family back into the community!


Also, today we had the best ever circle time! The children remained engaged and motivated to participate as we sang songs, explored our instruments, and read “Apples and Pumpkins”. Janet and I were so very proud of them!


Today we…

·      Had class with our French teacher

·      Played with crayons on an easel

·      Sensorily explored leaves, pumpkins and gourds!

·      Explored using glitter on our small pumpkins

·      Explored dramatic play and taking care of our baby dolls

·      Played in the gym!

·      Explored sharing and safety within our curriculum

·      Explored differences in sound


Today we sang…

·      The Hello Song

·      The Ants Go Marching

·      Old Mac Donald

·      A Big Round Pumpkin in the Pumpkin Patch

·      Hello Thumbkin

·      Watermelon, Watermelon

·      Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

·      The ABC’s

·      The Cleanup Song


Today we read…

·      Apples and Pumpkins

·      It’s Okay To Be Different

·      Mouse’s Fall



See you tomorrow!



Bridget and Janet