Happy Friday! 1A had a great day of singing, dancing, and playing today. Also, a big thank you to Jude’s mom Jill for bringing in gourds for our class! The children were super excited to explore new materials from the outdoors alongside their new pumpkins!


Our classical music specialist came into class this week – the children loved singing and dancing with her and expressing themselves through movement! Highlights include stomping around like elephants during loud parts of the music and tiptoeing around like mice during quiet parts of the piece.


Additionally, just a friendly reminder to bring in leaves on Monday if you can.  Janet and I would love to use them for sensory explorations and art projects!


Today we…

·      Painted pumpkins!

·      Taste tested the muffins we made this week

·      Worked on our October self portraits

·      Used crayons on paper

·      Played with model magic

·      Explored dress up in dramatic play

·      Practiced scooping with kinetic sand

·      Explored piano vs. forte (quiet vs. loud)

·      Explored acoustics through cardboard cylinders (you can do this at home with paper towel rolls!)


Today we read...

·      Boo, Bunny!

·      Llama, Llama time to share


Today we sang…

·      Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

·      The ABC’S

·      Watermelon, Watermelon

·      The Month of October

·      The Hello Song


Listening Highlights…

·      Flight of the Bumblebee


See you Monday!



Bridget and Janet