We had a wonderful first week of school!  The children have been reacquainting themselves with their peers and getting to know new ones.  Here are some highlights from our week.

Pinky has helped many friends feel comfortable at school.  The children love going up to her in the mornings to say hello.  It has become a part of their morning routine.

Something the children loved doing this week was exploring the art area.  They drew, colored, and created a variety of things.  Milo drew pictures of his teachers, Elle drew pictures of her family and her sister's  teachers, and Joseph drew a picture of his family.  Dylan made a trumpet out of paper and blew into it to give it sound.

The children also worked on making collages, created with play-dough, explored tape, painted at the easel, and painted with tempera cake paint.

The one thing that was uniform throughout the days was how well the children socialized with each other.  Weather it be in the kitchen area, feeding the babies, or playing doctor, the children were busy learning how to navigate social rules.

Magna-tiles, unit blocks, and hollow blocks were also used a lot this week.  It is wonderful to see the beginnings of their knowledge and we're excited to see how it will progress throughout the year.

The children were also very excited to have gym time.  They had a wonderful time exploring the new gym.  Next week we will start playing some structured gym games.

We ended our week by celebrating Ava's 3rd birthday on Friday!  On Thursday, Alexander, Elle, and Angelo worked on a drawing and painting for Ava as her present.  Unfortunately we forgot to give it to her today, so we'll be sure to give it to her on Monday.  Alexander, Elle, and Angelo thought that Ava would like a dog, so they each took turns drawing the body.  Happy Birthday Ava!